Regnerus sobre mudanças no casamento

Esses dias, li um texto muito interessante de Mark Regnerus, sociólogo da University of Texas at Austin. Embora tenha sido escrito em 2013, parece-me não ter perdido a relevância. Basicamente, trata-se de uma reflexão sobre os possíveis impactos do casamento gay sobre o casamento tradicional. Recomendo a leitura e transcrevo, abaixo, um trecho instigante:

“The terms of contemporary sexual relationships favor men and what they want in relationships, not just despite the fact that what they have to offer has diminished, but in part because of it. The supply of marriageable men (but not women) has shrunk—for lots of reasons left unexplored here—leaving the balance of those who are more marriageable (e.g., more educated, wealthier, more stable) with more power than ever before to realize their wishes in their relationships. Meanwhile, women no longer need marry to thrive, but most still wish to marry. As a result, women find themselves in a weaker position in the marriage market, competing with other women for desirable men.”





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